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The Paper Club and More Clubs

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Hey Y’all!

I know we’ve been in a whirlwind of changes, but changes need to be made for a reason and I refuse to let anyone or anything hold me back from making and keeping my crafting family happy. Let’s get to it.

The Paper Club

I won’t get deep into detail here, but everyone knew where I was headed with the club’s original path. I’ll be putting together new products that are less expensive when buying the full package, sets, etc. This will take some time to put together and get the stuff in. Progress is a slow process, but in the end, the result will leave us all satisfied. I’m currently looking for, or should I say I’ve found, what looks to be better quality and beautiful papers. In the comments, I would like to see what some of you think. Which items do you feel make a kit complete?

The Card Kit Club

The card kit is something that we will make available in limited quantities. I’ll likely pump out 12 of those kits at a time. That will all depend on the demand as the club runs its course. I won’t give the full details here, but I can’t wait to get that on a roll.

The Bingo Club

Some may want to know how we can do this without cheating or something going wrong with the numbers. I thought about this for a while. I kept in mind that not everyone is subscribed to my YouTube channel. Not everyone is in my Facebook group. Not everyone is signed up for the newsletter. Not everyone follows my Facebook business page, and some may not follow this blog. With that being said, not everyone would make it to a live video for calling numbers. I don’t want anyone to miss out or have to go back and view a video on replay. It’s so easy to give away too many details, so I’ll leave it at this. In the Bingo Club, you win prizes!

The Retreats

I canceled the first retreat due to not receiving enough feedback. It was voted the highest in a poll, but there was a hiccup somewhere. The original was supposed to be a Tea and Cookies Craft Retreat. That will now be a Tea and Cookies Retreat (we may come back around to nonfood crafting retreats). I may do these once per month. We’ll see how everyone likes it and hopefully get some excellent feedback from the participants and the viewers.

This retreat will not require buying any paper, stamp and die sets, or anything of the nonfood nature. This will strictly be cookie decorating among crafters and of course cookie decorators that want to have a little fun. This will likely take place as a Facebook live in the Where Baking & Crafting Meet group. I know some can join as a guest in Facebook lives, but I’m not sure if their screen will split with mine (we can cross that road when we get there). No one will be required to get on camera, but I do encourage everyone to show off their work in the group after the session.

For this retreat, there were be a kit you can purchase unless you want to bake your own cookies and make your own icing. Everyone can join in to watch me decorate, with or without a kit. The kit will have cookies, the icing mix, and anything else needed to decorate the cookie type I’ll be decorating on camera (excluding food colors).

Sum It All Up

There will be more clubs and there will be more fun. I’ll keep everyone updated on the process for each and terms that go along with them. Happy crafting and baking!!!

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