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Paper Club Update

Hey Y’all 👋🏾,

This is a real work in progress. Instead of The Paper Club being an ongoing membership, it will be posted as a stand-alone product. Being a stand-alone product, you’ll be able to purchase when you want. There will be no forgetting to cancel if you want to skip a month or forgetting to cancel the service period. This eliminates refund and returns issues. For more information on retail returns, please visit our policies pages.

The trade-off to purchasing at your convenience is the limited stock. For example, if there are only 20 kits out for the month, it’s first come first serve. If I find the kits are gone early in the month, I’ll likely build more and have more available. I’m even thinking about a pre-order option for those that have it on the brain during the “spur of the moment,” to get it ordered ahead of time. The pre-order kits will be limited as well.

I want everyone to remember that these are sample kits of designer paper. The papers included won’t be the full-size sheet. It’ll be like buying one of those cheesecake samplers that have 8-10 slices with 2 of each flavor. The information will be provided on the product page where you can buy the full set/size paper.

Kit Details:

  • 1 of each sheet in either a 6×6 or 8.5×5.25 (up to 6 sheets)
  • 2 sheets of base white paper at 8.5×5.5
  • Sweet treat

If you have any questions about The Paper Club, feel free to comment or let me know from the contact page and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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