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Changes, Combinations, & Creations

Hey Y’all 👋🏾,

For some of you that following me, you know that there is a lot going on in this head of mine. I’ve decided to make changes to a few things.

  • The Where Baking & Crafting Meet Facebook group
  • Community activities
  • Youtube channels (Stampin’ is Sweet and Where Baking & Crafting Meet)
  • Access to information

Where Baking & Crafting Meet Facebook Group

Many of the activities I put together take place in the Facebook group. I’ve decided to move all activities from the Facebook group to my website and blog. I know some may not agree, but this is for the best. There is a possibility the group will be shut down. We’ll cross that road when we get there.

In the group, we had a member discounts. Even if the group isn’t closed, those benefits will be discontinued there and combined with the members only perks mentioned in the access to information section.

Community Activities

The first subject kind of touches on the activities. Instead of limiting the activities to the group, I would like to bring this to those that visit the blog and the site regularly. I will slowly stop posting and/or announcing swaps, giveaways, challenges, clubs, and retreats there.

SIS & WBCM YouTube Channels

To keep it simple, I’ll be combining both channels. There will be a mix of baking, crafting, mixed media art, and food art.

Access to Information

There will be some “Members Only” products, services, and information on the site. Of course there will be member perks. Free stuff, promo codes, discounts? Who knows? We’ll have to see!!

With all that said…

I hope to see you here on the site, in the comments, and sending in your creations to be posted!

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