To free yourself from a web of lies, tell the truth.

To free yourself from the pain of the truth, prevent the consequences of the lie by not lying at all.

To free yourself from guilt, accept the penalty when facing those you’ve done wrong.

If you don’t want more punishment than what life brings, don’t participate in any of the above.


No one walks a straight line and lessons are to be learned.

Some of us abuse the use of lying, cheating, and wrongdoing. Instead of unraveling, we get tangled into an almost impossible knot. The knot is almost impossible because you understand what you’ve done only after you lose your freedom.

Our paths are raveled to be unraveled. Don’t take the easy way out by making a habit of hurting others. Participate in positive pain? Yes, there is a such thing as positive pain. Some of us just don’t know it. More things to unravel….


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