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Remaining divided while in the same house


With all the things going in the world, the real issue of togetherness is ignored. If we can’t come together, no one can work together. If the smaller issues leading to this aren’t displayed, then no one will work together.

It’s like old library books. The books are there and something needs to be done with them, but no one wants to address the problem. The books are still important because they contain information that may be diluted in newer books. They bring back memories of how things used to be, but also remind you how much things have and haven’t changed. Stand up, bring out the old books, dust them off, and display them for what they are. Allow others to view them and make an opinion. Allow others to educate themselves. Allow the truth to be set free or we will never agree to come together.

Hiding the truth will reveal the culprit and possibly more pain, but why not lessen the consequences before it’s too late.

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