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Is your daily routine demotivating you and you don’t know it.

Do you constantly create new calendars because you feel like you need to be more organized? Does your day feel too structured and uptight when you start following this strict calendar?

  • Eliminate those calendars. Try one.
  • Do not add what is already a habit to your calendar.
  • Use calendars for appointments that occur less frequently or for something that you need to make a habit of.
  • Schedule yourself a break if you’re a workaholic.

Sticking to the same things everyday without a hint of change can put just as much wear on your body as doing too much. It can began to make you feel less accomplished, even if you finished your ‘to do list’. The reason for this unaccomplished feeling is that you didn’t allow yourself to do something you truly wanted to do or would have enjoyed doing that day. Let’s say having lunch with a friend or trying a new recipe for dinner.

Let’s agree. It’s time for a change.


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