The Determined and the Lazy

Becoming a different person and not putting in the work is like surface cleaning a pest infested house. If you only try to wipe the counters and mop the floors, you’ll never get rid of the pest infestation. That infestation will always be there and resurface if you don’t take the extra steps to eradicate the problem and keep clean.


Play The Hand You’re Dealt

Don’t wish your failing life on someone else because he or she received something that didn’t work for you and turns it into success.

It wasn’t meant for you. Play your new hand.

The Truth About My Resume

Way #1: Give them what they ask for:

  • Experience
  • Education
  • Skills

No matter how many ways I format it, word it, or tailor it to a job position, it gets the same results.

  • Rejection
  • No answer at all
  • Endless interviews asking “why”

Way #2: Give them a little

  • Cut off a few years of experience
  • Completely eliminate education
  • Completely eliminate skills

Get the job starting at the bottom and never make it passed the lowest level position.

I Brainstorm Instead Of Procrastinating


When I have a lot to do or when I’m in the middle of doing something, I stop the think. I normally do this when involved in something that in have no interest in or when I don’t want to start an uninteresting task right away.

Some call it avoidance and some call it the procrastination. I use my time wisely. I think off subject about something more enjoyable that I would rather be doing. I come up with new ideas, what to cook for dinner, or what I want to do with the kids later. I make note of it and get back to the uninteresting task.

What does off subject brainstorming do for me? It reminds me that if it stand there any longer, I won’t get to the things I would rather be doing. Self motivation



Own Your Pain


No one can heal you, but you. Accept it for what it is to heal yourself emotionally and mentally.

Physical pain is a job of the mind. To heal yourself physically but still live through the pain, be the same fighter you were before the pain. Remain active in as many ways possible.

  • You can’t think it through to stop it, you can only understand it and work with it
  • You have to know the risks. There is no medication that will stop it permanently. What may calm the symptoms for one pain may bring pain in other places. Know how it will affect you
  • You have to accept it and┬ámake accommodations
  • You have to know your limitations and accept them

Can Beggars Be Choosers?


Unsatisfied people beg to be pleased but never open themselves up to the feeling the pleasure. We all have a right to feel the way we want, but we don’t have a right to do it at someone else’s expense.

  • What is “being pleased” to a person that is never satisfied?
  • Does it mean anything to them?
  • Should they say it if they don’t feel it or mean it?
  • Are they pleased and scared to admit it?

How can one beg for satisfaction when he or she has no standard of what’s great quality or pleasing to them?

  • Not only does it make it hard for the unsatisfied to be happy, but it makes them a hard person to get along with.
  • Labeled ungrateful and selfish
  • Strains relationships
  • Affects those around them

How fair is it for someone to repeatedly put in time and effort to make someone feel good and he or she is unaccepting?

  • Discourages the party or parties making an effort

If you’re not pleased with everything presented to you, take a look in the mirror, you’re the problem. You can’t make yourself happy and you choose to blame everyone else.

Beggars cannot be choosers if they don’t even know what they want.

There Is Meaning In Both


When it can’t be rehearsed, it’s timed perfectly, and it’s just as much a surprise to the chuckler as it is the chucklee, the reaction of both individuals is genuine. A relationship has started.

When the tone is off, it is forced. Untimely happening and body language that doesn’t support positivity. The chuckler’s intentions are questioned and the chucklee is left uncertain.