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Not only are we sweets appropriate, but we’re breakfast appropriate. Don’t feel guilty about ordering from us for your early morning fix!

Cookies & Cookie Bars

Cookies? Yes, COOKIES! There is nothing like a good old chocolate chip cookie. Maybe some eye candy that you can really eat… Like decorated cookies.


Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Not only do our cupcakes taste amazing, but serving, cleanup, and even storing them is easy.


Don’t want to share? Is a sheet of cake too big? Why not try one of our mouth-watering gateaus.

Sheets & Tiers

Sheets and tiers for all occasions. Keep it simple with classic flavors or choose a filling to add a twist.

Small Sweets

Filling a table, sharing, or keeping it all to yourself. The small sweets we offer will surely satisfy all.

Vegan Gluten-Free

Just because you watch what you eat doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy The Sweets.

We Make Everything to Order

Everything on our menu is baked to order. Nothing sits in a freezer or comes premixed in a box. We cut the preservatives in any way we can. If you want it homemade, you get it homemade.

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What We Do

Our Sweets, Your Sweet Tooth

Where taste, quality, and freshness is everything! All of our products are made from scratch and baked to order. Celebrate special occasions with a dessert from The Sweets! Something for all ages and a taste you surely won’t forget!

News, Events, & Deals

Check out our News, events, & Deals page to see what’s happening at The Sweets. Sales, promotions, events, new items, and more!

We Have Crafting Supplies

Our retail department is slowly making its way for crafters. As we slowly expand our line of product, we will focus on the quality of your baked goods as well as your non-food items.

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